DIY Cabinet Style Dog Kennel

My wonderful husband built this awesome dog kennel in a few hours on Saturday afternoon.

  He used 2x4s for the frame, fence wire, and some scrap oak pieces to cover the edges of the wire on the inside of the kennel. The countertop, though not my favorite color, was scavenged from a demolition project at his work place, so beggers can't be choosers! One of these days I'll paint the kennel, and post another picture.

Constructed from 2x4 frame, fence wire, and oak trim on the inside.
It's 72" inches long by 24" deep.
It's also free standing, and can be moved.

The door is 18x25

A close up of how the walls are constructed.
Wire fencing is sandwiched between 2x4 and some oak trim.

The dogs have settled in nicely. They love to cuddle up together, so this is perfect for them. It also gives them room to move around if we have to kennel them during the day. This cabinet takes up less room than the three wire kennels we used before, and I get another counter to put junk on!

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