Puppy Pens and Kennels

This first picture is the whelping pen we built for Daisy's puppies. The guard rail, made from pvc pipe, was to keep the puppies from getting squashed against the wall by Daisy.
Puppies in whelping pen with rail
The rail around the edge of the whelping pen is made from pvc
These next pictures are the pen we made for Avalie's puppies It's right in our living room, close to us and the other dogs.  
whelping pen with fence
Puppy pen with potty area, and space for mom to rest
Mini Goldendoodle and Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Daisy and Harley looking into the nursery at the puppies

At about four weeks, we expanded the pen to give the puppies more room to play and to start on solid food.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies in fenced pen
Expanded puppy pen with room to eat and play

When Daisy's eleven puppies started to outgrow their pen in the house, we built a bigger one in the room at the back of our garage. The outdoor kennel was right out the back door.
Large whelping pen and area for mother
Large puppy pen with area for mom, including kennel
Puppies in large outdoor kennel
The outdoor kennel right out the back door.

This pen was built for potty training Avalie, Harley, and Bitsy. We had easy access out the garden door for outdoor training....we just had to step over the short wall of the pen!
Puppy training pen
Small puppy training pen with easy access to outside door

Training puppies in a crate
Bitsy and Harley sharing a kennel in puppy pen
This portable fence has been great for closing off an area for the puppies to play. We've used it in both our front and back entrances.
Puppies in fenced pen
Fence used to create safe puppy play area
Puppies in fenced kennel
Fence used to create safe puppy play area

Whelping box and divided puppy play area
This kennel, in our living room was used for 6 Cavadoodle puppies

Under counter cabinet style built in dog kennel
Our 3 Cavies, and 1 doodle fit comfortably in this DIY Kennel.
Read more about this kennel HERE.

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