Daisy- Mini Goldendoodle

Daisy is our Mini Goldendoodle. She was born April 29, 2011, and came home in July, 2011. She has been an awesome dog right from the start...easy to train, friendly to everyone, and great with our kids.
No one can sneak into our house...Daisy hears their footsteps on the deck and lets us know! Once they're in the door, Daisy runs to great them. Everyone who meets Daisy loves her. All you have to do is pat your chest, and Daisy will jump up for a hug or maybe a little dance.

Mini Goldendoodle, Daisy July/11

Mini Goldendoodle, Daisy with her pups May 17/13

Mini Goldendoodle, Daisy and pups June, 2013
Mini Goldendoodle, Daisy, February 2014
Daisy would love to get in the kennel with Avalie's puppies. We decided she is saying,"I'll hug them and kiss them and call them all George!"

*Daisy now lives with our grandkids. They wanted a puppy, but mom works, and didn't have time for proper training. Since Daisy loves them all, we decided to let her go there....just a mile from us.

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