Chico, Poodle

Chico is a male miniature poodle, and he is the Poo in Doodles and Poo. He was born August 24, 2010, and came to stay with us in March, 2013. He settled right in! He was raised with small children and other pets, and loves both. In fact, Chico loves anyone who is willing to pay attention to him. He loves to run and play, but is just as happy to lie around the house and nap. But his favorite thing is just to have someone pet him....and if you stop too soon, he'll pat you with his paw to tell you to keep at it!
After his stay with us, Chico went on to live with a family in Winnipeg, where I'm sure he is very happily spoiled!
Chico, May18/13 In need of a trim!

May 22/13
Chico is the father of Daisy's puppies, born May 17, 2013.

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