Golden Cavadoodle Puppies

Golden Cavadoodles are a cross between a goldendoodle female, and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel sire. They are bred for specific traits.
  • They are a smaller, compact, yet sturdy dog that makes a great family pet. 
  • They are highly intelligent, and easy to train. 
  • They are cuddly, and affectionate, and love people.
  • They are playful, but have a lower energy level, and easily adapt to your lifestyle.
  • They are gorgeous! They have a sweet face, and a beautiful coat, ranging from fluffy, to silky smooth, with feathering on their long ears, feet, legs, and tail. 

Wednesday, August 6, Bitsy gave birth to her puppies. Two red boys, like their dad, Harley, and one black girl like mom. Bitsy is an 14 lb F1b mini goldendoodle...her mother is a 30 lb mini goldendoodle, and her father an 18 lb poodle. Harley is an 20 lb Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Red boy # 1, day 1

Black girl with white markings, day 1

Three puppies together, day 1

Aug.10/14, day 1

day 1

   I didn't get a picture of the second red girl at birth, but will be adding pictures as they grow.
Pictures of the parents and grandparents are on the sidebar.

10 days old

10 days old

10 days old
2 weeks old, curls are starting to show

Black female is turning Brindle!

Five weeks old:
5 week old Golden CavaDoodle Puppies

5 1/2 week Golden CavaDoodle

5 1/2 week Golden CavaDoodle

5 1/2 week Golden CavaDoodle

You can see more pictures on our Pinterest board, Golden Cavadoodles.

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