Miniature Golden Retriever Puppies

Daisy's turn to have puppies. They were born on Sept. 9/ puppies, 3 males and 4 females.
Although Daisy is a Mini Goldendoodle, she got more of the Golden Retriever traits than poodle. Breeding her with a Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, (Harley, on the side bar) has produced some very pretty puppies that are like a miniature Golden Retriever..about 20-30 lbs full grown. They will be very affectionate, people loving dogs, with a much lower energy level than a retriever, or most doodles.
Edited to add: Some of Daisy's pups got much larger than we expected...up to 45 lbs! Apparently, the Golden retriever gene is a powerful one! 
You can see them grow up on our Pinterest board. Miniature Golden Retrievers

Daisy and her 7 puppies
Golden CavaDoodle, aka Miniature Golden

Pretty female miniature golden retriever


  1. Awe they are so cute, I have a retriever that weighs 70 pounds now, big girl, she is 10 and a great pal. Love your pups,hope you have an awesome new year.

  2. Are you breeding any time soon? Very interested in adopting one! How much? Where do you breed? I live in VA

  3. Do you know of any other Mini Golden cavadoddles breeders?

    1. The only breeder that I'm aware of is Comfort Retrievers in Kentucky.

      You could also look at a Cavapoo or mini golden doodle. A smooth coat mini goldendoodle would be very similar. Our Daisy is a first generation cross between a golden retriever and a mini poodle.

      Hope you are able to find one!